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A 0-Level Dragon Fight for New D&D 5e Adventurers

A fantasy funnel, rules for 0-level play, and new character options for D&D 5e

For many decades, the towns of the valley were guarded by Olkana, a kindly, young brass dragon, who lives in the even older Dragonmaw Cave to the north. No one has seen any sign of her in months, though, and recently livestock and pets have been stolen, travelers have gone missing, shrines have been desecrated, and even some wells have gone foul. You and your friends have traveled three days to Dragonmaw Cave to see if the elusive Olkana can help.

What is Dragonmaw Cave?

A funnel adventure to save the Seven Towns from a crew of bandits, their fiend-summoning boss, and a newly hatched Shadow Dragon, Dragonmaw Cave includes rules for introductory, 0-Level play to Dungeons & Dragon 5e.

Originally created as a pamphlet adventure for a special event at Brooklyn’s Twenty Sided Store in 2017, R. Rook Studio began distributing the pamphlet version of the dungeon and the 0-level 5e rules on Itch in 2019.

This updated version includes opponent stats and  0-level character rules for both 5e games, as well as new character options, including having the great bears and wise crows of the forest join your party and come to your aid.

An adventure for 1 GM and 2-5 players.

Dragonmaw Cave Features

  • A 10-location dungeon funnel with a variety of encounters and stats for Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Dungeons & Dragons BX, and old-school games such as Old School Essentials, The Black Hack, The Vanilla Game, and Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells.
  • Rules for new peoples/lineages for D&D 5e, including Great Bears, True Crows, Puca, and Foolhardy humans.
  • A PC background generator for characters from the Five Towns
  • A 20-page zine available in print or ebook formats
  • Art by Jef Thompson and Charlie Ferguson-Avery (licensed as stock) and cartography by Dyson Logos (under a CC-BY open license)

A Complete 10-Location Dungeon

The adventure includes 10 non-linear locations and full 5e and BX stats for 9 different opponents.

5e Rules for 0-Level Play

Rules for generating ability scores, determining equipment and backgrounds, and a set of ready-to-run pregens for 5e.

New D&D Legacies

Replacing "race" in both 5e and OSR games, Dragonmaw Cave's character creation includes the legacies puca, bear, crow,  and foolhardy, detailed for both your D&D 5e and your classic D&D OSR games.

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorR. Rook Studio
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tags5e, dnd, pdf, Tabletop role-playing game


Get this Funnel adventure and 6 more for $35.00 USD
View bundle
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Hey Richard, I am one of your supporter over at KS! I just discovered your work here and I am so glad you have other stuff published as well!  Really looking forward to the Dragonmaw physical book later this year! Can I ask what may be the page count you anticipate this book may be? Also, would there possibly be a solo mode? Thank you!

That's a great question--I currently expect the final print version to hit approximately 25 pages (about 15-20 pages for the dual-statted adventure and 5-8 for the character options).  Does that help?

Sounds great! Thank you! Looking forward to it!