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When the midnight tide washes in on the beach below your village, there is only a body’s length between the old standing stones that rise from the sand and the churning, moonlit surf.

There is a work you must do, and you must do it tonight, and you must do it in a sacred place, and that place must be along a boundary. Your hands must be upon the land and your feet in the foam of the sea. And you must not do the work alone, and you must entwine yourself in the arms of one you trust.

You are witches, you and your companion, and there is no one else right now for you to call to your aid. Tonight you will lie on the gravel and sand. Your heads resting against the old standing stones, your feet washed by the surf, and your arms must encircling each other.

There is no other way this work will be done. 

Will You Lie With Me Tonight Between the Standing Stones & The Sea? is a short tabletop RPG for just two players.


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This game is beautiful and hauntingly elegant, the character creation for the witches is a wonderful winding of truth and tension and being into two people who you can't help but begin to know in the process of answering the questions.

The order and directions of play are similarly splendid, particularly in the phrasing ("they must look at the other witch and tell them..." is so powerful).

I'm not usually huge on duet games but this one is going in my to-play-soon list.