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Welcome to Enoch, the city on the comet: port, haven, metropolis, and necropolis of the ancient and forgotten.

Enoch's Wake is a stand-alone 2d6 tabletop RPG about life in the comet city. Stroll from wealthy Promenade, where the merchants build homes to compete with the aristocrats of High Rock to the boisterous inns of Harbortown. Sign on with a ship's crew, and journey the Hundred Spheres. Consult the haughty scholars of The High Academy or masked tutors of the Secret Collegium for the secrets of the Wild Void. Get shady messages calling you to meet with corrupt senators in the shadowy Underrock near the Necropolis Gates, but don't venture into them: the Immortals and their servitors guard that alien ruin (and the treasures foolish people claim are within).

Enoch's Wake includes the Traveller-inspired rules you use to build your character, play, and use arcane powers. You'll also find fantastical (and mundane) equipment, rules for using skills, and pointers on the fine art of Voidjamming. Enoch's Wake is a standalone game with everything you'll need to play.

US Customers can now pick up a print preorder to be delivered in December 2021.

Kickstarted in February 2021, this is the 3rd beta of the Enoch's Wake player rules. All purchasers will be automatically upgraded when the final version is released by the end of the year. The final version will have layout by Diwata Ng Manila and editing by Jared Sinclair.  Make a copy of the Google Sheets-powered character keeper for online play.

The PDF is going through the final proof pass and will then an accessibility update (PDF/UA).

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorR. Rook Studio


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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Enoch's Wake Character Creation Quick Reference 214 kB
Troika Character Creation in Enoch 213 kB
Four Quick Characters for Enoch's Wake 93 kB

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Is this the full version released at the end of 2021?


yep - this should be the full version. 

Ok, thanks!

I'm excited to run this for my group. I really love the tables for death results and how they help make character death meaningful.

Unfortunately, it looks like the link to the character keeper is broken again.

Thanks for letting me know.  I just tested and it should be working now. You won't be able to the edit the version you open (that would edit the version everyone sees). Just save a copy to your own Google Drive folders to edit it. Let me know how the game goes!

The link for the character keeper seems to be broken, any chance it could get updated?

Thanks for letting me know! It's fixed.


I love this game. Really nice mods on the Cepheus/Traveller system. Can't wait to run it.

"That Last Job/Who was the client?" is a repeat of "What was the job?". In both the POD and PDF. 

Brett - thanks for letting me know about that! I'll get it updated in the PDF in the next week and send that out, and make sure it's fixed in new prints going forward.


I'll send any other things I find.

Thanks, Brett!


Does the print pre-order get me a pdf now?

Hey Jerry - definitely, though I have to manually process those via Itch, but I'll be sending digital Itch and DTRPG claim codes to pre-orders over the weekend for people who've preordered so far.

Sweet, pre-ordered yesterday!