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The link for the character keeper seems to be broken, any chance it could get updated?

Thanks for letting me know! It's fixed.


I love this game. Really nice mods on the Cepheus/Traveller system. Can't wait to run it.

"That Last Job/Who was the client?" is a repeat of "What was the job?". In both the POD and PDF. 

Brett - thanks for letting me know about that! I'll get it updated in the PDF in the next week and send that out, and make sure it's fixed in new prints going forward.


I'll send any other things I find.

Thanks, Brett!


Does the print pre-order get me a pdf now?

Hey Jerry - definitely, though I have to manually process those via Itch, but I'll be sending digital Itch and DTRPG claim codes to pre-orders over the weekend for people who've preordered so far.

Sweet, pre-ordered yesterday!