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Miss those 90s-era days of Advanced Dungeoneering (with maybe some Dragons) IN SPACE?

Find 'em again using Daniel Sell's Troika!: Numinous Edition RPG and this handy doc of 36 Extra Spacefaring Classic Fantasy backgrounds. Join in for privateering, exploration, anti-arachnodemon resistance movements, and horrific terrors made out of clockwork.

Ogres, halflings, werewolves, vampires, golems, and minotaurs ALL free with purchase.

Spacejamming Troika! Backgrounds is an independent production by R. Rook and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council. Troika! compatibility log by Sam Mameli.

Promotional art by Grandailure (Tithi Luadthong), licensed via Adobe Stock.

You can also watch a whole lot of great people use these backgrounds with this 5-part playthrough below!


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

In order to download this Troika! Collection you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Chronicles of the Spacejammer, Vol. 1: Spacejamming Freebooters 16 MB

Development log


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Chronicles 1 is a Spelljammer-inspired supplement for Troika.

It's all classes and short backstories, but the writing is fun and super flavorful, and it does a lot of worldbuilding in the margins.

The tone is irreverent, and it reminds me a bit of Discworld, so if you like that, or you like Troika, I'd definitely suggest checking Chronicles out.

Thanks for this!

No worries! Thank you for writing it!

Here is my review of Spacejamming Feeebooters!

The Review

Thank you so much! It's great to see this!


I am curious if you do review copies?

I've not done them before, but it you'd review on a blog or other format, let me know and I'm glad to do a download code!


That would be amazing. I would be honored.

Also, what was the die roller you were using in the spelljammer videos?

We use https://rollforyour.party/

I don't have a way to send PMs (I don't think) via Itch. If you have Twitter, feel free to reach out to me @Barrow_Keep there. Otherwise, just let me know where's best to reach you.


Thanks for getting back to me. 

Can you message me through my blog and include your email (I dont have twitter):


I dont want to put me email in these comments. 

Apologies for the much delayed reply!

I couldn't figure out where to contact via the blog, but if you can point me in the right direction, I'll be glad to send you a link for a review copy. Just didn't want anyone to have to post their email on public comments.

more backgrounds more fun!

Thanks, John!!

Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for.

Wonderful news and thank you!