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Adventures for the Spelljammer-inspired space fantasy game Enoch's Wake: A Player's Guide to the Infinite Void as well as Troika!

Welcome to the first adventure series for Enoch, all three setting PCs adrift amid the flotsam, jetsam, and treasures of the Comet City. The series includes three scheduled releases with maps by Abigail LaLonde!

  • The Anjanta Asteroid by Sharang Biswas! A mining company has set its sites on one of the larger rocks drifting in the comet city's wake, but there was an explosion just before the expeditionary party disappeared. Can the PCs prevent a disaster that might rain fire and rocks on parts of the city and will certainly destroy the emerging civilization inside the asteroid's hollow shell. Themes include outside threats to a native environment and communication across cultures.
  • The Micron Possession by Lucas Rolim! A hollowed-out chunk of space rock may be all that remains of an abandoned arcanist's lab, and suddenly everyone in Enoch is interested. The PCs will want to stop the followers of puritanical authoritarian Constantin Augur from seizing the arcanist's long-abandoned work on infectious, viral mind control, but that may just put them between Augur and members of the Secret Police. Themes include confronting threats from plagues/communicable diseases, police, and authoritarianism.

All purchasers will also get copies of Richard Ruane's adventure Chaos on the Pleasure Barge when it releases later this winter.


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