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Beta (Playtest) Rules

When you were young, you thought the great walls of Barrow Keep would keep you safe. But now you're coming of age, and you realize how many troubles have been inside these walls all along: duplicitous courtiers, treacherous kin, and puritanical heresy-hunters. How will you protect yourself and your friends?

It's now Season 2 of the fantasy television hit Barrow Keep. You and your friends are the breakout stars of this new series,  and there are whole new adventures in store for you. Pick up the rules, check out the original zine, and try out the world and system with your players (and tell me how it went!).

Barrow Keep is a low-prep standalone game of romance and intrigue. You play the young residents of the Keep, coming of age while dealing with mysteries and treacheries.

The beta kit includes:

  • Simple rules inspired by the 24XX SRD and 2400 rules
  • Six playbooks for young adults living in The Keep
  • Two quick adventures originally included with the original zine

Want a print copy of the original zine? You can buy them from Spear WitchExalted Funeral, or The Twenty Sided Store in the US.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Barrow Keep Season 2 Playbooks (PDF) 723 kB
Barrow Keep Season 2 Rules (PDF) 276 kB
Barrow Keep Season 2 (epub) 82 kB
Barrow Keep Season 2 (Beta Playtest Rules - Google Doc)
Barrow Keep Sample Adventure - Wild Woods Ambassador (pdf) 1 MB
Barrow Keep Sample Adventure - Treacherous Kin (pdf) 1 MB

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Font in pdf is very light and difficult to read for my eyes. Maybe consider making it darker / heavier in a future version?

Definitely - thanks for the heads up!

Just updated the PDF and Google Doc to use the heavier Gentium Book Basic typeface, which is what we've used in the zine and sample adventures.