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You did not leave home because you wanted to, but that's when your adventures began.

My Chivalric Bromance | Beta 1 is a game about exiled LGBT+ knights and their queer companions living as strangers in strange lands. This book includes the core rules for an old-school-style game of exiles (levels 1 through 5) wandering the world and having adventures.

Instead of ability scores, your character is defined by a tag-like system that identifies their talents, weaknesses, and class special abilities. Pick a class, answer some questions, and choose your Thirst Alignment, and you're ready to go!

Not ready to buy? See the demo version for the complete character creation and how-to-play rules.

Cover art from Adobe Stock (Tony Marturano)

Character Options

All characters a queer, thirsty exiles from their one-time homeland who have come here for glory, gold, and adventures. You can play:

  • The errant knight, banished without land or titles
  • The dispossessed squire, mourning the knight they lost
  • The spurned cambion, hunted for having a natural magic that sorcerers envy

What You Need to Play

Players need some paper, a pencil, three d6s, and two d20s. GMs need pencils, paper, d6s, maps, and an adventure.

What's Included?

  • Three character classes with rules for levels 1-5
  • Basic rules for play
  • Guidelines for converting OSR adventures

What's Coming?

  • Two short sample adventures

This is a first beta version of these rules and they are subject to development and change. Feedback very welcome. If this project raises sufficient funds, I'll choose an editor, additional art, and a layout artist.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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My Chivalric Bromance (Beta 1, Google Doc)

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