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ENnies Judge's Spotlight Award, 2023

Queer pulp meets cosmic horror! It's 1979, and you're spending the summer working in Roseville Beach, the queerest little town on Rose Island. You might have come here looking for an escape, some fun, a little extra money, or even love, but now people are seeing phantasms, strange animals—and stranger old gods—wander the woods, mysterious monoliths appear randomly, and that strange music is coming from somewhere.

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What People Are Saying

The pulpy goodness in Moonlight on Roseville Beach is a satisfying blend of familiar themes and genres that have been mixed together in such a way that feels absolutely unique. Between the occult mysteries, the vibrant queer community setting, and intense nostalgia, I can see this becoming many people's comfort game. It somehow manages to evoke all those guilty pleasure feelings of reaching for a vintage pulp story while also taking full advantage of contemporary knowledge of queer identities and cultures to create a thoughtfully inclusive experience.

Yeonsoo Kim, Women are Werewolves

Moonlight on Roseville Beach is full of wonders. Its queer pulp aesthetic and its minimalist, collaborative system offer new and veteran gamers alike a chance to explore Rose Island's bohemian community and many secrets. I never realized that the confluence of weird fiction and queer pulp could be so engaging, whether for an evening or an extended sequence of mysteries, but Richard Ruane and his creative team have charmed me. Let those who can heed its call pack your bags—Roseville Beach awaits!

James Estes, Mage: The Ascension and Fading Suns

Probably the RPG with the best art I've seen this year, at least! Also the RPG with the best advice on romance as plot I've ever seen, period.

Côme Martin, Broken Cities and Meanwhile, in the Subway


From Logan and Griffin at The Story Told podcast

From Brandon and Josh at The Goblins & Growlers podcast

Demo Files and Free Content

See below for links to the free online character keeper and consent worksheet and check out the playlist from Sam Leigh (now with bonus Donna Summer)!

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CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorR. Rook Studio
Tagscosmic-horror, dnd, Dungeons & Dragons, LGBT, LGBTQIA, paranormal-romance, Queer, Tabletop role-playing game, urban-fantasy


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Roseville Beach Online Character Keeper & Consent Form
Spotify Playlist by Sam Leigh
YouTube Playlist by Sam Leigh
Character Sheet (B&W)
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hey there! I got this in the bundle for racial justice and Equality and it just takes me to a 404 page when I try and access my files :/ is there a fix for this? 

Hey - that’s an older version of the game, but I’ve set it so that link should work again. If you’d like this version, feel free to grab a community copy. 

Was looking at this, and Drivethrurpg has it listed at 162 Pages but looking at other store fronts they have it listed at 64 - Are there two different versions I just can't figure out haha

Definitely not 2 versions. Print is 160 (164 with cover). I’m on my phone right now, but I believe the PDF is 162 since the inside covers are blank and got deleted. 64 must be a typo. 

Awesome! Was thinking that may be the case but best to hear from the source :) purchase made and I can't wait to get it!

Hey ho, added your game to GoodReads.


Thank you!


Hey, we talked a little bit about Moonlight on Roseville Beach on our podcast. Would love to devote an episode to talking about it at some point.


Listening now! I'd love to know more about what y'all think. I've got a press kit coming out next weekend, and you should also feel free to download the press copies on the Itch page. Thank you!!


Awesome. Would love to see the press kit! I'm planning to make some time to read through the whole book this week.