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You might have come for justice. You might have come for glory. Maybe you want revenge. Maybe you just have nowhere else to go. 

Sherwood is a game of outlaws and arcana. Inspired by modern Robin Hood fantasy stories, the Robin of Sherwood television series, and medieval outlaw ballads and romances, Sherwood is set in a fantastical version of 13th Century England. Pick up digital copies here (or on DriveThruRPG). Physical copies are available at Spear WitchIndie Press Revolution, and The Twenty Sided Store.

  • Designed for a Game Master and 1-6 players
  • Quick core rules powered by a 2d6 system
  • Magical talents and rituals
  • Character creation inspired by games such as Traveller
  • Make the outlaw you want to make: as an outlaw, you aren't constrained by society's biases about race, ethnicity, sex, sexuality, or gender
  • Opponent stats inspired by foes from the Robin Hood stories and other outlaw traditions
  • Two ready-to-run adventures for your band of outlaws
  • Scroll down to free Quickstart in the demo files on this page or for free on DriveThru.

A 36-page zine and 32-page PDF.

Want to try out the game before buying? Pick up the free Quickstart.

What They're Saying

Sherwood perfectly blends the classic and the contemporary. Its a modern system with an old-school feel. It's a familiar tale told through a fresh lens.

Justin Kahler, Sweaterpunk Studios, creator of Kunai Academy

Sherwood is an informative invitation into the centuries-old but still riveting tradition of outlaw tales.

John R. Harness, artist and designer

R. Rook was very lucky to get  Eric Swanson of Narrative Dynamics as the cover and interior designer. Inspired by the well-known Merry Adventures of Robin Hood written and illustrated by Howard Pyle, Eric added hand-drawn illustrations to the layout and did the cartography in addition to the cover and interior illustrations.

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This page uses a background created by Zaphad1 under a CC-BY 2.0 License.  See the gallery of open-license seamless background textures.


Get this Tabletop RPG and 51 more for $25.00 USD
View bundle
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