Gratitude (with Art Free ePub and Simple Character Sheets)

Hey All!

Sherwood's had an amazing first month. So many of you were generous with both preorders and encouragement February through October of this year while this game was finishing development, only to see this explode to get 50+ sales on DriveThru, almost as many sales on Itch, and then debut at the Plus One EXP booth at Pax Unplugged and sell out all 15 copies that I'd brought. I'll make a new post when the print copies are for sale, but watch for it at Spear Witch (which handled preorder fulfillment) and a few other stores I've been talking to. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support.

Today I'm launching the art-free ePub for Sherwood on both DriveThru and Itch, as well as a sample character sheet. Eric's still working on the official Sherwood character sheet, but even though my layout skills are pretty basic, I thought you'd all prefer those to having nothing to reference.

Have a great December, and if you celebrate, wonderful Midwinter holidays.



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Sherwood | A Game of Outlaws & Arcana (Art-Free ePub) 251 kB
63 days ago
Sherwood Character Sheet (v0) 48 kB
63 days ago

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