Sherwood Updates | Errors Fixed, Bonus Career Path

I've updated the Epub and Mobi files and added the current text of the book in Amazon Kindle-specific format. I've also corrected an issue in the Character Creation rules in the ebook and PDF formats.

I've been fending off a cold (not COVID-19) that turned into bronchitis over the past few weeks. Being sick always sucks, but it has given me extra time to binge Robin Hood media in the past few weeks, finally getting a chance to watch both the original Hollywood Ivanhoe (with Harold Warrender as Robin of Locksley), the BBC mini-series adaptation of the same (with Aden Gillett as Robin), as well as a variety of other screen interpretations of Robin Hood, including Taron Egerton's 2018 turn in the role and Olivia De Havilland 1938 performance as the first big-screen Marian in the history of talking pictures, as well the final season of the BBC Robin Hood with Jonas Armstrong, Richard Armstrong, David Harewood, and Lara Pulver. 

One archetype common in Robin-media that I'd not accounted for in my original lifepaths was the career criminal. Not only do other legendary outlaws turn up in Robin legends (most scholars suspect that Friar Tuck had his own outlaw tradition before finding his way into Robin's), but since the 19th century, celebrated bandits like Adam Bell, Clim of the Clough, and William of Cloudsley have appeared in Robin novels (most recently, Jennifer Roberson's Lady of Sherwood novels). Additionally, various members of the outlaw band have been given histories as criminals. Roberson's Much is a quick-fingered teen thief, as are Eve Hewson's 2018 Marian and Joe Armstrong's 2006 take on Allan a Dale.

The Felon lifepath is designed to correct this oversight. Structured like The Laborer and The Courtier, The Felon asks the player to select one criminal path (burglar, bandit, and - of course - pirate), and roll just with that.

I currently plan to run Sherwood: A Game of Outlaws at Pax East (April 21-24 in Boston), so if you'll be at that con, reach out and say hello. You can find out more about my R. Rook Studio projects in my announcements and newsletters (see a sample newsletter).




Sherwood | A Game of Outlaws (epub) 996 kB
Mar 15, 2022
Sherwood | A Game of Outlaws (Kindle - Old Beta 1 Version) 595 kB
Mar 15, 2022
Sherwood Part 1: Character Creation 2 MB
Mar 15, 2022
Sherwood Bonus | The Felon Career Path
Mar 15, 2022

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